Dear Chuck & Adrian,

I just wanted to thank you so much for your kindess and your wonderful Customer Service you gave to me while buying my Mercedes. Thank you also for taking it to Omega for me to have Steve look at it for me-that was above and beyond what you needed to do! When I get tired of this one I will definately be back!

Thank you again for being such great guys!

Fondly-Molly Jackson

Both cars-97 C280, and 99 Burgundy E420, running great.

You are appropriatly cautious about gas mileage. Interestingly in 3 long trips in the E 420-Seattle, Ashland etc, , have been averaging 28.5 to 29.5 at 65 mph-Great!!

Hope rest of the year is great!


Dear Chuck-
I wanted to say thank you for \"rushing\" my car sale through! I am very pleased, once again, with my fine Mercedes Benz from Chuck Benton Automobiles- You are great!

Thanks again Chuck-
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